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AeroLead(R) Product Suite

AeroLead(R) 1200 Lead Analyzer Spec Sheet

AeroLead(R) 2000 Lead Analyzer Spec Sheet

AeroLead(R) 3000 Metals CEM Spec Sheet

HydroLead™ Analyzer Spec Sheet

AeroLead(R) 1200 Portable Airborne Lead and Lead Dust Analyzer

AeroLead(R) 2000 Wall-Mounted Airborne Lead and Lead Dust Analyzer

AeroLead(R) 3000 Continuous Emissions Monitor with Active Sampling Acquisition System™

The AeroLead(R) Analyzer automatically samples, extracts, and quantifies the concentration of lead in air, assisting in efforts to prevent unnecessary human and environmental exposure. User-defined sample sizes can be automatically collected and analyzed, with air sample times ranging from 10 minutes to 20 hours. Sample results are available in less than 7 minutes. The total sampling and analysis cost using the AeroLead is less than 5% of typical off-site laboratory analysis costs, and data are available in minutes. AeroLead operation is simple (using the menu-driven keypad) and does not require specialized training or operator certification.

When used within a compliant QA/QC program, data from the AeroLead(R) Analyzer can provide a defensible basis to validate compliance with occupational and environmental regulations. The sub-7 minute sample turnaround allows process operators to maintain lead levels below action levels, and can provide a previously unavailable method to control fugitive emissions via near-real-time data telemetry.

Workers of all skill levels can operate the AeroLead(R) Analyzer. Data can be downloaded to a PC or laptop computer, making compilation and reporting of data quick, easy and efficient, resulting in much more effective utilization occupational safety and health resources.

The AeroLead(R) can be configured as a portable analyzer that can be used for both ambient air monitoring and on-site personal breathing zone filter cartridge analysis, or as a wall mounted ambient air analyzer used for point-source and environmental monitoring.

Workers can attach personal filter cartridges, or air samples are automatically drawn through an innovative sample filter/detector assembly. The airborne lead is then ultrasonically extracted from the filter and concentrated into a specially designed aqueous phase and analyzed electrochemically to determine ug lead/filter. For ambient air analysis, an integrated airflow meter determines the air sample volume and results are reported in ug/m 3. Instrument quantitation limit can be defined by the user based on the size of the air sample, standard LoQ as shipped is less than 0.05 ug lead per filter.
Rapid, Automated Sampling and Analysis of Airborne Lead now available for Environmental and Occupational Health Monitoring

  • * Establish Personal Protection Levels and determine compliance with OSHA standards before workers are exposed
  • Can be used with QA/QC program to comply with NIOSH Method 7701
  • Sample results in 7 minutes
  • Autocalibration Option Available
  • Analysis costs typically less than $0.60 per sample
  • Significantly lowers compliance costs and simultaneously reduces risk
  • Simple, one-touch Personal Breathing Zone filter cartridge analysis
  • Automated Ambient Air monitoring


* Air Sample Time 10-1200 minutes (User-Selectable)
* Air Sample Volume – User-Selectable, 2-6 Liters/minute sample rate
* Lead Analysis Time – less than 7 minutes
* Detection Limit – User-Selectable, LoQ Less than 0.05 ug/cubic meter Standard Detection Limit, as Shipped
* Automatic Operation – Up to 20 continuous samples; Extended Operation Option Available
* Samples between Battery Charges  - 30 (AeroLead(R) 1200)
* Weight – 12.5 pounds
* Deminsions – 10.5” h x 7.5” w x 13” d
* Power Requirements – 110 VAC or internal 12 VDC Battery

ELS has ongoing development programs for other airborne contaminants including beryllium, chromium (VI), and airborne mold analysis. Please contact us for more details.

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